Zelenskyy reports 156 people evacuated from Mariupol | USA TODAY

After months in shelters, 156 people have been evacuated from Mariupol to the city of Zaporizhzhia.

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Evidence suggests close to 600 civilians died in the Russian airstrike on the Mariupol drama theater on March 16 that horrified the world and helped galvanize support for Ukraine’s effort to repel the invasion, according to an Associated Press investigation.

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Fork and Beans

There’s nothing like the comforting decadence of a beautiful slice of pie. Store bought shells can be laden with lard and preservatives, come with excess packaging, are shallow and are, sadly, often stale-tasting. Making your own pre-baked pie shell is much more desirable but people often have trouble making the crust look flawless.


One of the core features of a management course, would be to provide students with skills that are highly valued by employers. A Study by QS, conducted in 2008, clearly shows that soft skills have been taking on increasing importance with recruiters and employers. Particularly in a world that is still dealing with global recession, increased manifold by the year of the pandemic, and for the perceivable future, soft skills are and will remain essential. Employers these days tend to focus less on academic or technical skills and place far more emphasis on communication, interpersonal skills, leadership traits, and so on.

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