Canadian fashion: John Fluevog designs Star Trek boots | CTV News – CTV News Vancouver

Boots designed by Vancouver’s John Fluevog are boldly going where no Canadian footwear has gone before.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which premiered earlier this week, features iconic characters like Spock and Captain Kirk all clad in the custom-designed boots.

Fluevog said someone who works on the show is a fan of his work and he jumped at the chance to contribute to the costumes and create the Starfleet boot.

“I think it’s just a great little great little marriage. It’s perfect. We’re really tickled as to be connected to that series. I’ve always been a fan” he told CTV News, noting it’s not the first time he’s been asked to collaborate.

“This one is for sure my favourite so far.”

Part of what made the partnership work, Fluevog says, is that his shoes have a devoted, inclusive and sometimes quirky fandom — just like the TV series.

“They are all about inclusivity and all of that — and it fits with our brand. Trekkies are kind of like Fluevog-ers. They’re fun, they’re great people,” he says.

“Our brand is a little eccentric. I’m hopefully a little eccentric. I just like things that feel genuine, a little bit offbeat, wacky.”

Part of the fun of this project, according to the designer, was using his imagination to try to really inhabit a different universe. And that was reflected in the final design.

“It was important that the boots had no seams. Because as you’re probably aware, there’s no sewing machines in space,” he said, adding this endeavour was very much in line with what he tries to do as a designer.

“I have a sense in fashion of being able to put something on that will take you to a different place. Sometimes our world gets a little weary when we’re walking through it with all the troubles and cares. It’s just nice to be able to walk in a different place … I always think my shoes are for entertainment, and they entertain people.”

The boots were unveiled at a convention in Chicago earlier this year. There, they sold very well among the Trekkies in attendance. They were also available for pre-order online last month, and will be available in stores in the fall.

With files from CTV News Vancouver’s Becca Clarkson